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I grew up in the Town of Southeast, which surrounds the village of Brewster, New York, famous for Elsie the Cow and That Girl. My father had moved his family to New York in 1940 because it was the hub of the export business; he exported oil field equipment overseas.

Since his clients were based in Tulsa, Daddy always came to Tulsa first before traveling anywhere. My parents had many friends here; my mother loved to visit the Tulsa Rose Garden and she always told us how much she liked it. As a result, I have always been very aware of both the economic importance and the beauty of Tulsa.

My most vivid memories of my first trip to Green Country are of the Grand Lake Dam, the Tulsa Rose Garden, and the magician at the Petroleum Club. That was in 1967 when I was 12 years old.

Although my family was from Texas, I had a Tulsa connection. My great uncle, James G. McMurtry, had been the president of Kendall College, the predecessor of The University of Tulsa. When I moved to Tulsa in 1984 my uncle said, “I lived in Tulsa as a kid, the water tastes bad.” I replied, “Really, when was that?” He said, “1917.” A lot has changed since then. In those days Tulsa was a boom town, just forming it’s own identity as “the oil capital of the world.”

I moved to Tulsa in 1984 from Pittsburgh, where I had been the librarian and records manager for the General Counsel of Gulf Oil Corporation. Since then I have lived at Liberty Towers, Chimney Hills, Catoosa, on a farm in Claremore Sequoyah, in Broken Arrow, and now again in Tulsa.

Real Estate Education, Designations and Certifications

In 1994 I attended the Vince Mooney Real Estate School, got my real estate license and started with Gordona Duca. When I came back into real estate again in 2005 I placed my license with Sam Rader, because that’s where my mentors at Gordona Duca had hung their real estate licenses.

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