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What’s so special about Midtown Tulsa?

Homes with Basements!

There are many homes in Midtown Tulsa with basements, especially compared with areas surrounding midtown Tulsa, where many homes are built on crawl spaces or slabs.

Homes with basements are prevalent in the older parts of midtown Tulsa. Most of the basements in the Tulsa area are found in midtown.

I remember being shocked when we first moved here 29 years ago that there were not more homes with basements in the Tulsa area.

We must have looked at more than 80 houses (no kidding!) before we found one that met our needs.  Of those 80 homes, two were in midtown Tulsa and had full basements.

The third house was in Sapulpa and only had a partial basement under a portion of the house.  It had a partial basement because it was a newer home with an in-ground storm shelter accessible from within the house.

Call Debbie Solano at 918-724-8201 to set up a search for a home with a basement in midtown Tulsa.

I can send listings of homes with basements to you.

My automatic search allowing you to search the MLS without calling me does not yet work to pull homes with basements, so you will have to call me to get the listings.

Having said that, you may nonetheless find the following search for homes with storm cellars useful.

Homes in Midtown Tulsa with a Storm Cellar

Are you looking for a homes in midtown Tulsa with basements or storm shelters?

Find listings of Homes for Sale in Midtown Tulsa with Storm Cellars.

Take a look at these listings which have storm cellars:

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